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He sold himself, and faced death without fear…

Such is what was said regarding him by Ibn Kathīr (may Allāh have mercy upon him). He had felt a danger threatening the ‘Aqīdah of Ahl As-Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah, he could not keep himself confined within his house, nor was he satisfied with sweet words which could be uttered equally by both, the Mu’min and the Munāfiq… Rather, he plunged into the perilous which none but men can traverse, and he climbed that difficult ascension – excluding those upon whom Allāh makes it easy – and began to gather the Believers of Ahl As-Sunnah around him, and incited them to protect their ‘Aqīdah and defend their Dīn, and to fight against the Mubtadi’ (Deviant) Ruler, Al-Wāthiq, who had tortured the ‘Ulamā till they gave into his claim of the “Khalq Al-Qur’ān” (lit. the Creation of the Qur’ān). But the Imām did not accept to be subdued with regards to his Dīn, nor did he sell his ‘Aqīdah for a miserable gain such as a ministry of the government, or a dignitary position, or wealth and money… Nor did he search for justifications, such as “Maslahah” (“the best interest and benefit”) – with which the “scholars” of today have been mesmerized, excluding upon whom Allāh has had mercy.

Thus, this courageous Imām did not cease mobilizing the forces and gathering the resources together… But Allāh had willed a different matter – that he be killed by the sword of Al-Wāthiq himself.

This is his story, we narrate it completely as was mentioned by Ibn Kathīr in “Al- Bidāyah wan-Nihāyah” Volume 10, Page 316-320. And then we will briefly mention some benefits contained within the narrative, so that perhaps it will inflame the illuminated rage of Ghayrah in hearts which were near dullness; and perhaps it will caution a scholar who was deceived by the smiles of a Tāghūt or by the fitnah of hollow wealth and properties, or forgot what he learned and taught to his students: that the Appointed Time (death) is only in the Hands of Allāh Alone – but yet he fears that the Tāghūt will bring his time nearer!

We mention this story, with hope that it will give life to the hearts of the ‘Ulamā of the Muslims, and that perhaps, they would fear Allāh with regards to selling His Āyāt, and the Land of the Haramayn, and Bayt Al-Maqdis, the Land of Al-Isrā’…

Al-Imam Ahmad Ibn Nasr al-Khuza’i