An Introduction to the Principles of Tafsir

Author: Ibn Taymiyyah




Category: Tafseer


What is “Tafsir”? It is an explanation; an elucidation of both what is clear and what is not clear in Al-Qur’ an. “An Introduction to the Principles of Tafsir” highlights, in an easy yet concise style, the basic principles and procedures which must be carefully and diligently adhered to on the basis of true knowledge, in order to render oneself compliant and correct in the method and application of Al-Qur’ an.

Furthermore, the work brings to the readers’ attention, examples of deviated thought, whether through misguidance or outright denial of the truth.

In our times, there exists the ever increasing disease of innovation – especially in Western-based “Democratic” societies, where innovation is upheld as one of the statutes of such systems.

Innovation in matters of Islamic thought, specifically in terms if ‘ibaadah, is not an option. This work helps the reader to understand the dangers of straying from the Straight Path.

May Allah reward Shaykh Salim Abdallah Ibn Morgan for his efforts in the translation of this scholarly work.

An Introduction to the Principles of Tafsir