Paragons of the Quran

Author: Ibn al-Qayyim




Category: Quran


There are a numerous verses in the Noble Qur’an by which Allah, the Most High, brings greater clarity and insight when explaining things to mankind. This is done through the use of deep and meaningful parables that are clear for human intellect to comprehend, ponder over and understand the message of the Qur’an.

It is from His infinite Wisdom that Allah destined these parables to become rooted in His Final Revelation, until the Last Day – through these divinely revealed verses mankind can increase in knowledge, recognise guidance and embrace the truth.

This book explains many parables in the Qur’an, in such depth – exquisitely and beautifully. It is an amazing work that will get the intellect thinking and pondering over the beauty and precisions of the Magnificent Qur’an, guiding mankind to the straight path. Not only is this work an intellectual discourse, but also a spiritual enlightenment for every Muslim.

In discussing the unique style, theme and content of the Qur’an – this is the first work of its kind in English literature.

Paragons of the Quran