April 7, 2023
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The Story Of Sheikh Misk | Beautiful Reminder


It is reported that once, one of the scholars from the salaf by the name of Abu Bakr Al-Miski always had a good fragrance around him. Once while he was teaching he was asked the secret to this by the people.“We always find a good odor emanating from you. How is that?”

The answer of the Sheikh will blow your minds away. SubhanAllah, the strength of faith in them was just at a different level Wallah.

He (the Sheikh) answered, “By Allah, for years now I have not used any perfume, but the reason for the good smell has to do with an ordeal that I passed through; A woman once tricked me into entering her home. Then she closed and locked the door behind her, after which she began to seduce me.

I became utterly bewildered as to what I should do, for I had no options before me.

I said to her, “I need to go and purify myself.”

She ordered her servant to take me to the bathroom, and when I entered it, I took feaces in my hand and wiped it all over my body. Then I returned to her in that state. Shocked to see me like that, the woman ordered that I be removed from her home.

I left and immediately took a shower. That very night I saw a dream; in it, it was said to me, “You have done that which no one else has ever done. I will make your smell good and pure in this world and in the Hereafter.”

When I woke up, the smell of perfume was emanating from my body, and it has continued to emanate from my body until this very moment.”

Ya Salaam! Indeed this is an honour bestowed by Allah upon his righteous slaves. Though for our feeble minds this may seem impossible, but for Allah nothing is impossible for He is the Ultimate Creator. What completely blew me away was not just the fact that the Sheikh got a lifetime supply of Grade A+++ musk, but the action he took for which in due course he was so handsomely rewarded by Allah, the Best of those who reward. Not just was he rewarded with this miracle but his as reported by Imam Bukhari his act also made him one of the seven who will be protected under the shade of Allah on the Day of Judgement by keeping away from illegal sexual intercourse with the woman who tried to seduce him.

Just imagine the predicament he was in and try placing yourself in his shoes. Can you imagine yourself doing such a thing? Being covered in feces is the worst thing imaginable that can happen to a person. It just shows to go how much he valued his faith and his level of Iman. Another thing we can learn from this is that Allah rewards his slave not only in the afterlife but also in this world. Every time we do an act we hope for its recompense in the akhirah, but if it pleases Allah he bestows his favour in this life too as is very clear from the story of the Sheikh.

May Allah save us from such trials. May Allah give us the strength and willpower to pass the tests sent our way and grant us the best of perfume both in this world and the hereafter.

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